Concert Hall

Forest music hall

Listen to special music on the plateau

There is a concert hall made of wood in the nature of Okushiga Highlands.

The soft tone and reverberation have received high praise from musicians and audiences.

Listening to the best sound and music in the nature at an altitude of 1500m is exceptional.

The distance to the performer is so close that you can feel the sound and even the heartbeat.

Once the performance begins, the hearts of everyone in the music hall melt and become one.

The seats are not fixed, but are arranged according to the occasion, facing each other or surrounding each other, so that everyone can come together as one.

Listen to the best music while feeling the greenery of nature outside the window.


Shape of music hall

A small hall with a hexagonal shape that resembles a snowflake.

From the outside, it looks just like a snowflake.

This shape remains the hall, with large glass windows on each side of the hexagon.

You can also enjoy it while looking at the greenery.

Open the windows and listen to the best music while feeling the natural breeze.

Music hall concert

Mainly in the summer, including classical music.

Various concerts are held here.

Concerts at Okushiga Kogen, sponsored by nearby hotels,

Tours for travel agencies, performances at events, etc.

If it is used for a training camp, practice may be open to the public.

Summer in Okushiga is filled with music.

Use of music hall

A hall designed with classical sound in mind. However, the acoustics can be demonstrated with a variety of music.

Strings, brass, and vocals. Orchestra, Chinese music, Nohgaku, etc. A variety of music was heard. Rock concerts and karaoke competitions have also been held there. It is also a multipurpose hall that can be used for university training camps and seminars.

Why not let your sound resonate in the music hall? It can be used as a rental hall.

*We will provide you with a quote, so please let us know the rough usage purpose and schedule.


1 minute walk from Nagaden bus “Okushiga Kogen Hotel” stop and Okushiga Kogen Ski Resort Center House. There is also a parking lot near the ski resort where you can park your car.

In front of you is the vast lawn of the ski resort. Walk along the soft grass to the hall.

It’s right next to Okushiga Kogen Hotel.

●About 60 minutes by route bus from Nagano Electric Railway Yudanaka Station ●About 100 minutes by express bus from JR Nagano Station             ●About 50 minutes by car from Shinshu Nakano IC